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This was the first time I had this location of Harolds and only my second time having Harolds at all. I ordered from here because this location was recently ranked as one of the top Harolds locations.
Lets start with the bad, you guys forgot my extra hot sauce.
The good, I dont even care because this was the best fried chicken, thank you, chef! The breast was huge and juicy! The wings are small, but that means its from a real chicken and not from some pumped up steroid chicken. Perfectly fried, not greasy, AND the food was packaged well considering it comes in paper baskets, which I appreciate.
Keep it up!


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QUAITY FRIED FOOD DELIVERY?? Sounds strange don't it? Harold's Chicken Shack #36 has been rockin' out some amazing GrubHub orders of mine. The food always comes still hot, crispy and each item taste distinctly different, each with its unique flavor. Im eating my way across the menu, last time I ordered the fried chicken, shrimp livers and giblits, AMAZING. I highly recommend the fried shrimp. great quality at an affordable price.


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Driver was very rude and the way he talked to me was very unprofessional. I told him I had surgery and couldnt come downstairs, and he was like Ill leave it downstairs with the desk person and I figure out how I will get it from there, and he did and just left. I was very unhappy and I hope to hear from Grubhub about my concern with your driver.
Thank You
Osa Nix


Top Reviewer
I have a confession to make #36. Regretfully!!!!!!!!!! I cheated on you with Harold's @ 1501 west Madison. Biggest F'ing mistake of my Chicken Lovin' Lyfe. I swear it'll never !! happen again because as usual the food was good, on time and accurate @ #36. The honey hot sauce is the business. Ya'll keep up the good work.


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Born on the southside of Chicago, so grew up on Harold's, but since grown, learned that all Harold's spots are not equal, this one, however, rates the delicious original. I ordered chicken/cat fish combo, and enjoyed every bit. Happy to see Harold's Chicken on my Grubhub menu.

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Harold's Chicken Shack #36 Reviews on Seamless


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Food was cooked to my specifications. It was wonderful. I always rock with this Harolds.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaharold's Chicken Shack (also referred to as The Fried Chicken King, Harold's Chicken, or simply Harold's) is a chain of fried chicken restaurants located primarily in Chicago, particularly on its South Side. Harold's has been a Chicago South Side institution for many years and is known for its uniquely prepared chicken. There are dozens of "shacks" on Chicago's South Side, and several on the West Side and a few, more recent, franchises are located on the North Side. Harold's Chicken is also available in the central Illinois town of Normal. Additionally, Harold's has opened franchises in Detroit, Milwaukee, and the Dallas area. They also recently opened a restaurant in Minneapolis, on the city's North Side as well as locations in Las Vegas, NV and madison, wi.